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Chania is not just a city – it is a painting!

This tour is ideal if you want to mix up urban exploration and sightseeing with lounging by the sea. The Lefka Ori (mountain) provides a dramatic backdrop to the city’s stunning Venetian architecture and bustling market. There is much to explore and photograph in the old town with the Venetian harbour, iconic lighthouse (one of the oldest in Europe), and the cobbled alleyways, courtyards, cafés and tavernas. The Ottoman influences are captured in the Mosque by the port and the two minarets which will add spice to your pictures.

Cretan food is one of Greece’s most distinctive regional cuisines. Excellent local produce and healthy ingredients lift its fame to the first ranks among the healthiest diets in the world.

When’s the next one? September 17th – 24th

How much is it? £3,100.

What’s included? Accommodation, breakfast and workshops. This includes daily workshops, as well as post production and photo critique sessions in the evenings.

What’s not included? Flights, lunch and dinner. You’ll also need to provide your own camera and all other related gear.

Crete has plenty to offer for the adventurous photographer. There are mountains to rival the alps, breathtaking landscapes, fascinating rural communities and being Greece, of course more history than you can shake a stick at. And there’s a ton of places to chill out too, with stunning beaches and amazing tavernas to relax, edit some photos and wait for sunset.https://chryssiesgreece.com/product/western-crete/