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When you think of Greece you think of sun, sea and a rich culture steeped in history - a classic holiday destination enjoyed by people from all over the world. Greek cities and islands have all the ingredients for a warm, relaxing holiday with something new to experience every day.

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We take you to the parts of Greece the tourist crowd miss. Our inspired local specialists share their passion and knowledge with you to discover the rarely seen side of Greece, accommodating your specific requests to tailor make a holiday unique to you. Travel with us and uncover the hidden treasures of this beautiful land.

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Our trips and workshops are for small groups of up to ten guests. Experience the real Greece in the company of like-minded companions, enjoy a different take on the classic Mediterranean holiday destination. We guarantee you'll want to return again and again...

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Our talented local specialists share the hidden treasures of Greece with you


From breathtaking beaches to ancient ruins, we guide you to the best places, people and food to experience Greece like a local

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We have a unique way of meeting your adventurous expectations. From Mediterranean sunsets to religious festivals, experience it first hand with us.

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Our specialists and affiliate professionals share their passion, knowledge and experience with you. Learn something new, enjoy a different pace of life, the time to reflect and unwind. Discover your spirit of adventure with us.

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