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Why choose Messolonghi

Messolonghi is the capital town of Aetolia-Acarnania in Western Greece, known as the site of  dramatic sieges during the war of Independence against the Ottoman empire and the death of the philhellenic poet Lord Byron. The town is dominated by vast salt water lagoons that are home to amazing bird concentrations, depending on the season and the weather. Of course most photographers focus on the pelicans and the noisy flamingoes.…

Explore our 2018 Photography workshops in Greece

We will guide you to the best places, people and food to experience Greece like a local. Not only will you come away with some amazing images, but also a deeper understanding of the country that truly is the birthplace of Western civilisation. 2018 photography workshops Messolonghi- (Apocria) 17-24 February Athens (Independence day) 22-29 March Messolonghi (Orthodox Easter) 30 March- 10 April Messolonghi, Holy Trinity (Simiou Panigyri) 24-31 May Lemnos…

Messolonghi 2018 – Itinerary Announced

When’s the next one? February 17 – 23rd 2018 How much is it? £3,000 What’s included? Accommodation, breakfast and workshops,local transport.  This includes daily workshops, as well as post production and photo critique sessions in the evenings. What’s not included? Flights, lunch and dinner. You’ll also need to provide your own camera and all other related gear. For more information on this fantastic workshop see our tour page.