From Mediterranean sunsets to religious festivals, experience it first hand with us

The Greek Orthodox tradition is steeped in the universal themes of life and death that are infinitely relatable to all of us. Easter particularly is a time when religious ceremonies bring communities together, both of the living and the dead, uniting communities on a continuous time line and reinforcing a sense of place, history and tradition. Our tours provide a window into this world. A glimpse into another culture’s way of tackling these big questions and discovering a common bond with all of us who are trying to be the best versions of ourselves for our families, our neighbours and our wider communities. Through photography, and learning how to tell stories with our cameras we can bring some of these feelings home with us, and share them with others.

Good Friday is the most sacred day in the Greek Orthodox tradition and we will have the chance to see how it is celebrated in churches with the wonderful Epitaphs and the hymns to the Bridegroom. The resurrection on Holy Saturday midnight is what the whole of Christianity has been waiting for and it is a huge happy message and spectacle that we are going to be part of.

The cities are lit by the candle lights and the processions of people all combining their hopes and beliefs for a new “spring”is what will stay in our hearts for when we come home with joy and excitement.

Kalo Pasch to all