Submissions call for Photo Critique – January 14th 2018

As the nights get shorter, and the light fades from the days,  we are moving ever closer to our January 14th Photo Critique session at 6pm, Magdelene College,  Cambridge. But luckily the theme is “Light” so hopefully your photos will brighten things up for us!

If you would like to submit the rules are simple:

1. Only 3 images per person, submitted in jpg to this dropbox folder

2. Photo critiques can be anonymous if you prefer. Please email us to let us know before hand, and obviously don’t put watermarks on your images if you don’t want people to know the photos are yours!

3. Deadline for submissions is the 7th January 2018.

That’s it! The theme “Light” can be interpreted as broadly as you like, so get creative and have fun with it.

For more details see our events page on facebook.