Where East meets West

A beautiful city that goes under the radar, with distant views of Mount Olympus glimpsed across the azure Thermaikos Gulf, Thessaloniki is where east meets west;  a cosmopolitan urban centre throughout history: “Its beauty is one thing that time cannot harm…”.

Dive into the culture and history for a few heavenly days in inspiring Salonika – a secret that’s worth keeping!

Take a tour back in time and view the city’s history laid out in forms of themed stories. A walk through Thessaloniki is a passage through history. Let the buildings and ruins tell you the story. The Church of Saint Demetrius, the main sanctuary dedicated to the patron saint of Thessaloniki, dates from a time when it was the second largest city of the Byzantine Empire. Part of the Palaeochristian and Byzantine Monuments of Thessaloniki, it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988.

The Rotunda, built in the early 4th century, is the oldest of Thessaloniki’s churches. Some Greek publications claim it is the oldest Christian church in the world, although there are competitors for this title. It is the most important surviving example of a church from the early Christian period of the Greek-speaking Roman Empire.

The city is rich in cultural offerings and an intriguing mix of Greek, Byzantine and Ottoman architecture. Most of the surviving structures from the pre-Ottoman Golden Age are sacred in nature.

Thessaloniki is a place that has always known how to enjoy itself and make newcomers feel welcome. Café culture, dining and the fact it is a university city means that there is a healthy supply of bars to enjoy!

The city has got a great culinary scene too, home to the incredible bougatsan, a delicious cross between a croissant and a custard pie. Follow us in the food market, revel in the tastes and smells – the tradition of enjoying what you eat has long been a tradition here.

A city of wonders, with a million faces – travel with us in Thessaloniki and share in its treasures. Talented, inspired and passionate local guides make your trip memorable with experiences designed just for you. Be prepared, be open and you simply cannot lose!