A divine land of natural wonders

Meteora is one of the most magical places in Greece. With its unique monasteries, perched impossibly atop mountains sculpted into astonishing vertical pillars of rock by prehistoric rivers; it pays to get up for the early morning light to shoot. Not only are you rewarded with beautiful pink light, but the calls to prayer ring out hauntingly across the valleys.

Meaning literally ‘suspended in space’, Meteora and its startling geology is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, regarded by many as a sacred place. In the 11th century the first hermits arrived, taking shelter in the crevices of the mighty rock monoliths. The first monastic community was founded here in the 14th century, with monks from all corners of Greece following to form communities in perfect isolation atop the heavenly stone towers of Meteora, founding a total of 20 monasteries in all. Today there still remains six active monasteries; thriving communities who warmly welcome visitors to experience the peace and serenity of their immense and impressive spiritual environs.

In the earliest days of the monasteries, scaling the virtually vertical rock pillars by hand was the only route to the top. Employing an intrepid combination of ropes, nets and precariously long rickety ladders was the only option available. Nowadays, Meteora is known the world over as a challenge for rock climbing enthusiasts who come to pit their skills against the gigantic, seemingly overwhelming stone columns.

It is in this breath-taking, magical setting that we will be learning about landscape photography, taking home photographs and memories of a unique and mystical land to treasure for a lifetime.

Tours in Meteora

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