Creativity never expires

The allure of Athens, the ancient capital of Greece is manifold. From the magnificent Acropolis overlooking the city; testament to the capital’s heritage and long life through the millennia, to the contemporary modern city that it is today. Sparkling with energy and optimism, young entrepreneurial Greeks are building companies that fuse traditional Greek values with a modern commercial acumen. This is Athens, my home city.

Explore the flourishing galleries and art spaces, the murals on the derelict buildings, the political debates, the tiny scenic neighbourhood of Anafiotica at the foot of Acropolis, the open air cinemas and the many restaurants.

Athens is a photographer’s paradise. The sprawling graffiti covered streets and abandoned buildings keep the urban explorer satisfied for days, as well as providing endless opportunities for street photography and backdrops for fashion and portrait photography. The decaying side of the city is bountiful and fascinating.

For those looking for a different take, there are ancient monuments around every corner, set against ultra-modern glass and steel architecture and in between, a thousand lifetimes of city stories to tell with your camera.

Providing an intoxicating mix of history, excitement and suspense, we do all the things the average tourist does not get to do. Escape for a while into a secret Athens that waits to be discovered. Awaken your creativity and join us on our next trip.