Chyrssie Kousia 2

Chryssie Koussia

Chryssie was born in Plaka, a pretty scramble of narrow alleyways and rising lanes, all overlooked by the Acropolis of Athens. She ran her family hand-knotted carpet business for 25 years in the Greek capital. She acquired unique travel experiences sourcing carpets from remote parts of Asia and built up considerable expertise.

Since Chryssie moved to Cambridge, UK, her passion for her homeland and travel has inspired this business venture. Chryssie loves nature and rejuvenates and grows when trekking; her favourite past times are foraging for herbs or finding the best honey, cheese, wine and other local Greek produce. Chryssie is inspired by the local people who keep the culture of Greece alive. Chryssie is offering a tremendous, thrilling, unexpected and serendipitous journey to… magic Greece.