Lemnos; delightful, undiscovered and quiet with a rural charm, the island lies exactly in the centre of the North Aegean Sea. Sung about by Homer it was known in antiquity for it’s technologically advanced civilisation. The island of Hephaestus, Greek god of fire, metalworking and forges who according to legend taught the dwellers of Lemnos the art of copper making.

It’s name has remained the same throughout the centuries originating from the Phoenician word for “white”; as it is low and treeless, looking “white” from a distance.

Lemnos is a gifted place that hides a large variety of precious ecosystems. From the thirteen registered wetlands that classify Lemnos among the most important wetlands in the Mediterranean to the severe, volcanic scenery, diamond cut coast line and crystal waters, the landscape and wildlife photography opportunities are endless.

In the main town of Myrina and the villages of the island you will tell stories with your camera of simple, kind, hospitable people who inhabit an almost forgotten world on Europe’s eastern frontier, where this remote North Aegean island recalls a Greece of the past.

Minimal and attractive at all levels, everything here composes a primitive and intact landscape that is captivating from first sight.

If you are in search of authenticity in your photography tours then look no further. Seize the opportunity and feel the “different air” – Lemnos is waiting!