ChryssieChryssie was born in Plaka, a pretty scramble of narrow alleyways and rising lanes, all overlooked by the Acropolis of Athens.

She ran her family hand-knotted carpet business for 25 years in the capital of Greece. She acquired unique travel experiences sourcing carpets from remote parts of Asia and built up considerable expertise.

After the financial crisis forced the closure of the business, Chryssie moved to Cambridge, UK. Her passion for her homeland and travel have inspired this new business venture.

Chryssie finds respite from the ordeals of life in nature and rejuvenates and grows when trekking, foraging for herbs or when finding the best honey, cheese, wine and other local produce.

Chryssie is inspired by the local people who keep the culture of Greece alive.

Being a trained psychologist with excellent communication skills, Chryssie is offering a tremendous, thrilling, unexpected and serendipitous journey to…Magic Greece.

Chryssie’s fellow guide Vaggelis explains the concept:


herbs“The idea is to experience Southern Europe and specially Cretan features in many aspects such as nature, food, herbs, art, combined with information about Cretan culture and history.

To achieve that one should try to experience interaction with local people, follow local traditions which have changed a lot, but still remain untouched in many ways and feel the local nature which paradoxically hasn’t changed a lot.

We will participate in preparing a typical Cretan dish cooked by a local woman. Also a shepherd will show you how the famous Cretan cheese graviera and yoghurt is made from milk. Depending on the time of the year we will show you how they take care of the bees in order to make Cretan thyme honey. In addition we will show you how to select herbs and how they use them in aromatherapy.

All these activities in combination with walking tours in a hard but scenic landscape and various climate conditions, will show you the way of life used to be through centuries on this island. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy some of our beautiful beaches and enjoy their distinct feeling.

That’s the main idea about this trip to Crete, a place full of history and culture, to help you imagine and see how these people used to live in a more simple way, with less possessions and less worries, maybe a difficult but more essential and complete way of life.

We are sure you will discover and enjoy it, with our help and suport,t aking back home an interesting and personal experience.”

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